Assuming Wall convinces PG to extend, maybe offer Beal instead?

I couldn’t disagree with you more. Wall and Beal have perfect chemistry and play off each other well. This isn’t like CJ/Dame where you have essentially two identical players, or Steph/Monta where one guy clearly is envious of the other. Both Wall and Beal average 23ppg last year, both play both ends of the court (unlike the Blazers du0) and they actually like each other (unlike Steph & Monta). You’d be nuts (or David Kahn) to break that up for a 1 year rental of a guy who clearly wants to play for the Lakers.

So yeah, shopping Beal would be sacrosanct (like $5 word there!).

And to repeat: you need 3 “stars” to win. Beal should have been an All-Star last season (thanks, Melo) and likely will be this year. Adding George to this core makes them a contender. Adding George while losing Beal is the textbook definition of hustling backwards. You’d top out around the same 48–50 wins as last year, and that’s not gonna convince PG to resign.

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