Signs He Is A Fuckboy

  1. He is in a frat
  2. He calls women “bitches.”
  3. He occasionally had one night stands before he met you, “the girl who is different.”
  4. He has a wondering eye
  5. He doesn’t care if you orgasm
  6. He doesn’t foreplay
  7. He calls you “bro” or “dude”
  8. He asks you on a date but wants to go Dutch or asks you to pay
  9. He doesn’t try to do things you like because he just isn’t interested. If you like someone, try new things you normally wouldn’t because your significant other enjoys it!
  10. He wears chubbies
  11. He doesn’t work for you
  12. He makes you think you have to have sex in order to be with him
  13. He makes you do all the work in bed and in the relationship

Can you think of anymore? What are your thoughts on this list?