FAQ: YoungCurrent #SummerOf16

All your questions about YoungCurrent’s Online Writing Competition answered here.

Who is eligible?
If you are a student studying in India and in classes 3 to 12, you are eligible. [All students who will be joining Class 3 or Class 12 in June 2016 are eligible.]

What is the competition about? What is the format?
It’s an Online competition for Young writers across India. The competition begins on April 4th and ends on June 10th.

Starting April 4th, every Monday, a new topic will be announced. The topic will be open for a week. You will have to send in your entries before the mentioned deadline for us to consider your entry. 
Read about the Accepted Formats and Levels to learn more about the format.

Great! How do I register?
All you have to do is Sign Up on YoungCurrent in order to participate in the competition.

I’ve enrolled. How can I participate? [I already have an account with YoungCurrent, how do I participate in the competition?]
You’re all set! Watch out for an email from us giving you more details of the competition.

What are the Prizes?
We will be awarding Weekly and Monthly winners. On top of that, there are also a few Grand Prizes up for grabs.

The prizes are designed in a way to award those who contribute through out the competition (April 4th to June 20th). So, if you don’t win a particular week, worry not because you might just win a Grand Prize announced at the end of the competition.

When will the Winners be announced? How will the prizes reach the winners?
Weekly prizes will be announced the following week.
Monthly Prizes will be announced in the first 10 days of the following month.
Grand prizes will be announced on or before July 1st.

Once we announce the winners, we will get in touch with them directly to send them their prizes. Participation prizes will be sent via email.

What are the Accepted formats?
We have identified a few formats of writing as the accepted formats for this particular competition. Please make sure that your writing fits one of the formats mentioned below. In general, we will only be accepting non-fiction content. This excludes fictional content such as Stories, poetry etc.

How will my entry be judged?
There are 3 criteria you need to keep in mind when you are writing your article. They are as follows:

  • Content: Grammar, Sentence Structure, Flow of the Content, Citing Sources, Citing YoungCurrent’s News articles (2 points each)
  • Vocabulary: 5 points for using vocabulary learnt on YC. 5 points for using the vocabulary appropriate to the context.
  • Creativity: 5 points for creatively using one of the formats provided. 5 points for displaying creativity in writing about the topic itself

**All decisions made by YoungCurrent’s team are final.

Are there Levels for Participants?
Yes! and it is very important you understand which Level you belong to before you send us your entry over email.

  • Level Caterpillar (Classes 3,4,5) — Your Entry can be up to 200 words
  • Level Chrysalis (Classes 6,7,8) — Your Entry has to be more than 200 words and less than 400 words.
  • Level Butterfly (Classes 9,10,11,12) — Your Entry has to be more than 400 and less than 600 words

You want me to email you my entry each week, How and where do I send it

  • Yes, please send it to the following address: support@youngcurrent.com
  • In the subject line put down the topic of that week.
  • In the email, send us the following details:
    Username on YoungCurrent:
    Full Name:
    School Name and Address:
  • Your article/entry needs to be sent as an attachment. The following are the acceptable formats for your entries: .doc, .docx, .pdf

My School is participating in this competition. How do I participate on behalf of my school?
If your school is participating, there are a few extra steps you have to follow:
Create a username by Signing Up.
Let your School know that you are participating.
When send us your entry over email, make sure to mention your school’s name.That’s it.

Remember, if you win an award in the contest, you stand to win a few prizes for your class as well.

Oh, by the way, can you tell me more about YoungCurrent?
Sure! www.YoungCurrent.com is a News Website for School-going Students. we understand that Student need to be aware of the going ons in our world. We also understand that this needs to be a safe space for the students.

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