Leslie Knope gives Pawnee hope!

Great Debate between two candidates that stole the show in Pawnee, Indiana. Knope seemed a little off her game when Newport’s short sweet answers stole the show. However, in the end she stole the show back.

Image from www.hitfix.com

There were four candidates in the great debate however, two names only mattered. Leslie Knope and Bob Newport. Newport had every answer and seemed to be unfazed. He then went on the attack and told Pawnee that his Dad, the owner of Sweetums, would move the business to Mexico. Sweetums happens to be the biggest company in all of Pawnee. This seemed to seal victory for Newport. Then, Leslie delivered the perfect response. She counters Newport’s claim by arguing that one should never threaten the town they love. She ended by proclaiming her love and dedication to Ponee and she would never threaten her town.

As the debate went one Leslie seemed to gain momentum and confidence. She played it safe, not trying to play the bully role. Her answer on that Pawnee should spend its money on police, fire, parks and schools. With help from her great Spin team she was able to counter Newport and when the debate, despite the Sweetums threat.