The Finsbury Park Mosque

The Finsbury Park Mosque Attack — Was it Inevitable?

For every action, there is a reaction. It’s high time the government tackle Wahhabism.

There was an attack on Finsbury Mosque last night. Worshippers were coming out after Ramadan Taraweeh. Darren Osborne was named as the suspect who drove a van over many pedestrians, killing one and injuring ten.

Whoever carried out an attack on the people outside Finsbury Park mosque, it is an act of hatred, backlash and terrorism.

Now there is a debate going on in England. Muslims and liberal politicians, for example, the lefties are pushing their agenda; they are saying, ‘Let’s declare it to be a terrorist attack.’

Some people are saying, ‘You better take care of this issue properly as it is very sensitive. Radical Muslims may make an excuse of this incident and do something even worse than what they have been doing.’

Well, it is not astounding. There is, of course, a reaction to every action. It is simply an expression of retaliation.

I tried hard to understand what Islamophobia is, but I really don’t understand. People have different connotations for this phrase. Does it mean that you should fear the presence of Muslims in the country? It is more to do with what people hear on the grapevine.

People may have had wrong information hammered into their brains about Islam. Either they have been given wrong information, or information which in true spirit, is not Islam but rather a radicalised notion labelled as Islam. These things do create problems in the minds of people.

It is not Islam which is actually threatening the peace of the country. It is the radicalised, diabolical doctrine which is man-made: Wahhabism.

God created everybody, how can he allow one person to kill another person? Therefore [Wahhabism] cannot be a celestial formula.

The thing is, now people present Wahhabism as Islam. So obviously will not say that the problem is Wahhabism; people will say that the problem is Islam. What you have presented as Wahhabism is not being sold in public as Wahhabism. People call it Islam because the Wahhabis call it Islam.

The Muslims should not fall prey to ISIS deceptions and must not find an excuse to engage in hate crimes and terrorism.

They must not make this atrocity an excuse to do the same.

Defeat ISIS and it’s filthy tactics.

Younus AlGohar is the CEO of Messiah Foundation International. Read more of his work on his website. He also answers questions from viewers live on AlRa TV every day starting at 10:00 PM GMT.