There Are No Dead Ends in Life

It all depends on your willpower.

When you have failures in life, it takes away your self-esteem.

Confidence is built on ability. For example, when we teach people to drive, we just say, ‘Drive with confidence.’ However, you can’t drive with confidence without having the ability to do so. When you have the ability to do so, you will drive with confidence — even without anybody telling you to.

When we have failures in life, our self-esteem is badly bruised and our ability to trust ourselves is completely shattered. But at the same time, if you have faith and trust in God, then that faith can help you build trust in yourself.

You have to believe in yourself, that you will put in efforts and you will achieve your goal. Even if you do not have the ability to do something, keep trying. Tell yourself, ‘I am not able to do it, but I will learn to do it.’

[Even if] you don’t have confidence because you do not have the ability to do something, you can still make efforts.

You should have confidence in making an effort. When you make an effort, it is not God’s commandment that every time you make an effort, you will fail. One day, you will thrive. One day, you will be successful. So keep trying. Do not give up.

Your failure will help you thrive. You must learn from your failures. If you do not have the ability to learn from your failures, then you will never ever succeed. Learn not to give up and not to give in to situations you are in.

Enjoy in adversity and you will smile when you are successful.

I’m always surrounded by problems. If I give up, then it will be a disaster.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has always emphasised the importance and significance of not giving up. You should never ever give up. One day the success will kiss your feet. Trust me.

When you are trying, and every time you make an effort, it goes into a waste — don’t think your efforts are going into a waste. They are never going into a waste.

Every time you make an effort, you actually learn something from it.

What happens in relations? People divorce their partners because they give up on them. If they are patient and they know the art of reconciliation, the art of reconciliation will tell us, ‘Don’t give up.’

If you want to turn a brick into gold, learn not to give up. Trust me: one day, the brick will turn into gold — only if you know that you have the ability of not giving up.

Life, before it allows you to be successful, will wind you up really hard. You can’t go through life with ease.

If you learn how to not give up, you will do yourself a favour.

I try not give up but sometimes I give up on trying not to give up. It is not easy. Sometimes, you are in a situation where you think there is no way out. However, there is always a beam of light at the end of the tunnel.

‘God never closes a door without opening a window. He always gives us something more when he takes a little away.’

You never come to a dead end in life. I can bet my life on it.

Although the door, window or the beam of the light at the end of the tunnel may be concealed and you maybe cannot see it, there is always a way out. If you easily get tired, fed up and you easily quit — I am sorry, but you are not fit for life. You have to be very brave.

It is a natural requirement for every human being who is born here in this world to be brave. If you are not brave, life will treat you like a natural disaster.

Younus AlGohar is the CEO of Messiah Foundation International. Read more of his work on his website. He is the host of Sufi Online, an online show by ALRA TV about spirituality, religion, God and society; he answers questions from viewers live on every day starting at 10:00 PM UK Time.