It’s easy to talk about self-confidence, but it’s not easy to achieve without spirituality.

Younus AlGohar
Mar 11, 2018 · 2 min read

A really good friend asked me to speak about positive values in life and how to cope with different situations in which we sometimes feel helpless and clueless.

I would like to insist to everybody who listens to me: you should believe in yourself. When you begin believing in yourself, you will notice you have developed an enormous amount of faith and confidence in yourself.

In order to thrive in life, besides other ingredients and policies, the first and foremost thing you need is belief, faith and confidence in your own self. When you have confidence and belief in yourself, there is nothing stopping you.

Believing in yourself is actually knowing for sure your abilities and capability. Frankly speaking, there are a lot of people out there who do not know what they are capable of. Most people do have an enormous amount of ability in them which can enable them to do many things. But you need to explore your being, my friend. You need to have somebody as a mentor who can see through you and tell you of your abilities.

There is a treasure of abilities, capabilities and potential miracles buried inside your heart.

Self-exploration is what you need. Now, there are a lot of people who talk about self-realisation, self-exploration and positivity and all that beautiful sweet talk. But this can only be obtained through spirituality.

Spirituality is the only type of knowledge which is so profound that it will take you to the bottom of you, to the truth. Your truth: your hidden self.

That will begin when your heart is enlightened. It is the heart that will receive an understanding of life from God.

Younus AlGohar is the CEO of Messiah Foundation International. Read more of his work on his website. He is the host of Sufi Online, an online show by ALRA TV about spirituality, religion, God and society; he answers questions from viewers live on every day starting at 10:00 PM UK Time.

Younus AlGohar

Written by

CEO of Messiah Foundation Int. Representative of The Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. Ambassador of Peace & Man of Valour. Advocate of interfaith harmony.

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