Your.MD’s Top Tips on Improving Sleep

  • Find it difficult to sleep? Stick to a regular bedtime routine. Try going to bed at a similar time every night, put your alarm on for the same time each morning and try doing something calming before you sleep, such as reading or taking a bath.
  • Taking your worries to bed with you? Try writing down your thoughts before going to sleep or talking to a friend about your stresses.
  • Drinking caffeine and alcohol can disturb your sleep pattern. Try cutting out that afternoon coffee or ensuring you have some alcohol free days.
  • Bright screens from laptops and phones can disturb your sleep pattern. Carve out some tech-free time before bed and read a book instead or meditate.
  • If poor sleep is affecting your ability cope with daily life, it’s important to speak to a doctor. Your quality of sleep can greatly impact your mental wellbeing, so its important to speak to someone if you develop low mood or anxiety.

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