#Syria Report | Daraa: Assad regime indiscriminately hit several towns with air-raids, barrel bombs. June, 2015

by SpartaZC

Little girl searches for her toys under the rubble of her home in Daraa al-Balad, destroyed by regime bombing

Syria , Daraa: The Assad regime indiscriminately hit several towns early Saturday June 20, 2015 morning and afternoon with illegal barrel bombs dropped by helicopters. The regime hit Daraa Balad neighborhood with four barrel bombs and several other people were wounded after 6 barrel bombs were dropped on Kahil town. Regime airstrikes continued to target the towns of Mzeireeb, Naseeb, Sayda, and East Mleiha and others as it has done through out the month leaving many civilians dead. Earlier this month the Assad regime also targeted the MSF sponsored Busra Hospital, it was the only medical facility in Daraa Province with dialysis & neonatal care, and destroyed it with as many as 10 barrel bombs. “They targeted the building at about 11:00 p.m. with four barrels that broke doors and windows,” said one of the doctors at the hospital. “When we arrived we heard the helicopters still flying around and we evacuated the medical team and the patients. After an hour, they dropped six more bombs that destroyed half the medical equipment and seriously damaged the building.” ‘Hospitals are the main target, but recently, ambulances have also been attacked with missiles,” said one of the doctors working at the MSF-supported hospital in Aleppo. Earlier this week on June 16, 2015 in East Gharya the Assad regime also targeted a mosque with its illegal barrels bombs and massacred 23 people, 20 of them being young children attending a Quran school held within the mosque.

Report Sources: @LccSy, @MSF , @EatingMyPeaz

(Pools of blood in the streets of East Gharya after an air raid killed 20 children at a mosque.)

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