#Syria Report | Homs: Average of 60 air strikes hit city of Palmyra, ISIS sets booby traps on historical ruins. June 20, 2015

By SpartaZC

Message received by @THE_47th from Syrian contact

Syria, Homs: The Assad regime launched more than sixty (60) air raids on the city of Palmyra, which murdered at least thirty (30) people were and wounded dozens of others leaving them in critical condition, In addition, the terrorist group ISIS has set up booby-traps and landmines all across the archaeological ruins of the Temple of Bel, a 2,000 yr old pagan temple and world heritage site. Previously the Assad regime’s airstrikes had also damaged the thick northern wall running alongside the Temple of Bel on Saturday June 20, 2015, according to locals. “This [attack] was done by the Syrian regime. But we don’t know why as there was nothing to hit apart from the ruins. There is no ISIS in the area: they are all at least two kilometres away,” a resident who gave his name as Osama Alkhateb told The Telegraph. Between ISIS and the Assad regime many historical sites have been damaged or destroyed, as well as countless civilians. Currently it appears to be a race to erase Syrian history between these two notorious groups, as they continue to commit mass murder and spread terror in the region, aided by the inaction of the international community.

Sources: @LccSy, @PalmyraRev1, @EatingMyPeaz, @THE_47th

( Destruction in Palmyra archaeological area after Assad Regime airstrikes)

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