PoodleCorp and other script kiddies

Recently we’ve had a lot of requests to take down PoodleCorp, here is our response.

The script kiddies hacking big YouTube celebrities don’t use their own hacking tools, they simply use or purchase password lists from data breaches. Companies get hacked all the time, and sometimes they’re big companies like MySpace, Ebay and Adobe. Once a website is breached, they have your password, people often use the same passwords and once they have access to one account, they get access to all accounts.

The simple solution to stop script kiddies is to use different passwords for every account, and if you want to play it safe use a secure password with a strong entropy to discourage brute forcing.

If you don’t want to remember all these passwords you can use a password generator like keepass (link below) store the database somewhere safe (preferably offline) and make sure you can always reach a backup in case your device gets corrupted.

When a new game is released the servers get overloaded, these attention seekers will ride on the popularity and say they took the networks down in order to get that sweet sweet e-fame, while in reality their lame scripts don’t even do damage or are detected in a manner of minutes.

Use keepass: http://keepass.info/ (keepass is open-source)

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