The American system is broken

A two party system is a terrible idea based on reactionary politics. People are voting against the candidate they hate the most, for the candidate they hate the least.

In the United States, only 9% of Americans ended up voting for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, leaving the vast majority unrepresented. In a more fair system multiple parties would be able to campaign at once instead of only a Republican and Democratic primary. There is no reason for primaries other than to let the people affiliated with the two party system elect the only two candidates that have a chance in the election.

Getting rid of a two party system is a first step in the right direction, but this still leads to people voting based on who’s going to take out the worst candidate. In a fair election the voting goes as follows:

  • Everyone is automatically registered to vote at the age of 18
  • You don’t need to be affiliated with the party you are voting for in order to vote
  • You can rank your candidates

If the number one candidate on your list doesn’t get the popular vote, your vote goes to the second candidate you rated, based on how much you agree with them. This way you don’t have to vote for the lesser evil and you’re more represented.

Getting money out of politics is also a huge benefit to represent the people more. At the moment corporations can lobby for policies behind the backs of voters. This is undemocratic in every way as it leads to dangerous situations. If a company that threatens food safety can lobby for food safety regulations you know the system is broken.

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