Suicide Squad Review: You Know What They Say About the Crazy Ones…

Okay so, if you are reading this and haven’t seen Suicide Squad, I have no idea if I will be mentioning any spoilers. I’m just writing on the fly here so who knows what’s going to come out of my keyboard. So that is your spoiler warning. Good enough? Good.

So immediately after seeing the movie, I hopped online to see what other people thought, and to my great surprise it was hated, and I mean HATED, by critics, a contributor for Forbes even called it worse than Green Lantern! Holy Cow! Ouch. To be fair, the movie was better received by fans than critics, which makes for some interesting online comments. There’s even a fan-initiated petition going around to shut down Rotten Tomatoes after they gave the movie a horrible review and (I think) 2 stars.

BUT I am here to give my 2 cents on why I LOVED IT. First off, don’t think of Suicide Squad as DC’s answer to _____(fill in the blank) or as some kind of comeback. It is a DC film with a completely different outlook than say, Guardians of the Galaxy, but more on that in a second.

First, for the elephant in the room: the Joker. Yes, I will miss Heath Ledger’s interpretation and the mysterious scars and backstory that was created around him, but I love this new Joker! Because rather than try to reproduce Heath Ledger DC has brought us a Joker that blends both a classic and modern look that results in a Joker that seems right at home in 2016, and he is crazy and terrifying, and I love it. You just don’t know what he might do.

And of course, we can’t talk about the Joker without mentioning Harley Quinn. Can anyone really deny that she nailed the Harley Quinn character? She was delightfully twisted and had all the mannerisms and typical phrases that we love in Harley. Her backstory with the Joker is also just some really awesome story telling, better than most of DC’s characters stories and better than more than a few Marvel ones as well. Also, the presence of Harley makes the Joker an even more interesting character because of their dynamic together, because even though I love how crazy and unpredictable the Joker is, when you add Harley, there comes these moments, where you feel like you get a glimpse into what the Joker MIGHT be thinking. This adds depth to the Joker, a character we know remarkably little about, given how popular he is.

And I’m just going to throw out there (pun intended) that I really enjoyed Captain Boomerang. Maybe I just enjoy Aussie characters, but even though he wasn’t as prominent or developed, he was amusing and subtly hilarious.

Okay, So remember when I said Suicide Squad had a different outlook than Guardians of the Galaxy? Time to explain that. It would not be fair to say that Suicide Squad was less funny than Guardians of the Galaxy, that would be like saying Juno is less funny than The Office: Apples and Oranges. Here’s why:

Guardians of the Galaxy was a comedy, purely a comedy, almost a farce. (I say farce in terms of movie genres not as an insult. I love that movie), and it is absolutely great, may I say. BUT. Suicide Squad is a different animal. It is a comedy, but a darker one. It even has some nearly tear-jerking moments and an inspirational speech, by Harley of all characters. Anyone accustomed to finding humor in nearly unbearable circumstances, or who has a slightly twisted sense of humor to begin with will identify with Suicide Squad more readily than Guardians of the Galaxy. Again, I LOVED Guardians, I’m just saying they are 2 different (legitimate) but different kinds of movies and different kinds of comedies.

So, now for a couple thoughts on other’s criticisms, and maybe a couple of my own.

There are plenty of things to pick on in this movie. Maybe a bit too many scenes where Amanda Waller explains her desire to create a team of anti-heroes. The Enchantress is not a very exciting villian, and honestly kind weird. The action sequences could have been more creative. These characters have some awesome abilities. I would have liked to seen them do more with them. I personally believe this movie should have allowed itself to get an R rating. Marvel let itself get into more mature content with its Daredevil series and I would have liked to see this film do the same.

Now, having said all that, there is A LOT of fun in this movie. Most of which comes from the personalities and interactions of the characters, and I enjoyed the Hell out of it.

Please keep any comments civil, and stay crazy sweetheart.