This Is How I Trade ETH
Justin Leger

“Trade/trading” is a very broad term that covers from the eyeballs glued to the screen with fingers on the mouse and keyboard to enter/exit at a twitch to looking for TA setups for broader day trading moves to playing longer-term trends.

Then there is the question of how you execute trades, manually or using program/algorithm trade execution?

I have some experience doing both day and trend trading but can’t call myself an expert because that requires not just knowing what to do but actively practicing it to make consistent returns. I have know what I consider ‘pros’ — even though they use different time frames and strategies, the common trait is that they are highly focused, use the best tools, such as program trades with follow-on stop-loss/profit taking orders.

Thus far, I have not found the detailed information needed to trade cryptocurrencies. Years ago I joined an invitation only chat group: members joined the chat session starting in the pre-market (stock markets) to exchange info on pre-screened stock setups and execution strategies. Some posted when they entered and exited trades, marked up charts, etc. There was enough information exchanged that could be verified by the real-time and historical price charts to build an understanding of how to ‘win’.

Another useful tool is the ability to paper-trade to test out strategies, skills and temperament before risking funds. If you can’t make it on paper, no sense trying with real money.

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