CA Gov. Declares State of Emergency, Drivers Beware

California drivers have been extremely concerned about their safety lately. Mostly because of the weather.

During the winter of 2017, California has seen more rainfall than in most of its history, making mudslides and floods a regular occurrence at least for a few days this January. While these natural occurrences were taking place, drivers were exposing themselves to serious risks.

While at least four people died over the floods and major storms that have taken over California, the governor declared a state of emergency, hoping to secure enough funds to make sure damaged roads are repaired. To safety advocates who are concerned about drivers risking their lives due to the bad weather, recent accidents show that drivers must keep in mind that speed and other factors such as distraction should not be part of their driving, especially through the bad weather. If you must drive while it’s raining or after the rain has fallen, keep in mind that the roads might be slippery. And due to the cold weather, they might also be icy. Speeding will increase the risk of crash.

So observe speed limits and make sure you’re focused on the road ahead, at all times.

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