The Connection Between Emotional Eating and Spirit

Today, I want to talk about the connection between emotional eating and the connection it has to our spiritual impoverishment. I hope it helps to shed some light into this subject as well into your own life.

First of all, we need to understand that the spirit and the body are designed to function as an interdependent team. They are actively connected and this finely tune dynamic must be maintained at all costs. Due to our modern culture and mainstream lifestyle, most people are not even aware of what the spirit is, or that they even have one. The result is a total disconnection between our physical bodies and our spirits.

Our spirit is the center point of our awareness, and it is the captain of our whole being. When we fail to recognize, honor, respect and protect it, we then become self-destructive. And we must understand that this is not our fault, since the rules, conditions and soul-killing domestications of our society have entrained us to completely forget and dismiss our spirits.

Society attempts to shut our spirits down from birth. We are conditioned to accept stories about ourselves that are merely illusions and have nothing to do with who we really are. We are conditioned to take in substances that destroy our physical, mental and emotional bodies and reduce our true desires with chemical addictons, mostly from food.

From generations of abandonment, our spirits have been encaged and suppressed.And since our spirit has always been yearning to express itself, and the more we ignore it, the louder it will shout. The spirit will shout throughout increasingly painful emotional and physical expressions until we finally wake up to the call.

The neglecting spirit will be always calling for our attention in the distorted form of an insatiable appetite for food, money, drugs, relationships, etc. We can now see that when the spirit is forced to remain silent for a long time, we start so have imbalanced behaviors, and emotional eating is one of them.

But our most painful self-abusing behaviors can be our greatest gifts. Instead of projecting that suppression on food, we simply need to know that our spirit is speaking through that food and through that pain, waiting to be heard.

Once we acknowledge, embrace and express our spirits through our bodies, our emotional eating won´t be there anymore. Once we realize that every challenge is an opportunity to express who we truly are, life becomes a gift of self-realization!

This is not a linear process, and you may have to climb and fall, but never, ever give up on yourself! Your truth, your heart, and your spirit will set you free! Always…

With so much Love,


PS. If you are feeling stuck with your emotional eating and need some help, I woul love to work with you.

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