I don’t want to be the most important person in your life
Washington Post

The principles of individuality and co-dependence do not have to work in contradiction to one another. From my experience, with a woman I love dearly, we give each other the space to explore our interests fully. Just from the time we got engaged in January, I have developed my personal website, explored a variety of monthly challenges, and took a massive pay cut to enter a career much more fitting for my long-term passions.

My fiancée has dived deeply into brush lettering and calligraphy with interests in developing a shop on Etsy.

Our love for each other has allowed these pursuits to take hold. Without it, I can’t confidently say I would have pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and explore the “unrealistic” possibilities for my future. Our love is the energy that makes everything else in life so vibrant and to not focus our intention on it would mean these realities would turn right back into dreams.

Love is how we choose to define it and your interpretation is entirely yours to keep and own, but know that it does not have to act as a suppressant to your independence and uniqueness.