The 10x Mindset (Operating at an Exponentially Higher Level Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life)
Thomas Oppong

Within this “reaching for the stars” mindset needs to be a healthy dose of self-assessment. No matter our aim, if we set our sights and goals on levels of achievement we rarely (or never) actually reach, we can ruin our psyches and become complacent.

Personally, I’ve always been my biggest critic and as a teenager, I could only see the mistakes I made rather than the successes. This mentality ruined any potential for pursuing challenges I dreamed up in my head during this time.

Once I landed in college, and after spending my first year as a scaredy cat, making zero attempt to meet anyone or take on any personal challenges, I discovered Eric Thomas’s Thank God It’s Monday series on YouTube. His story rescued me from my stagnation, and gave me perspective on the importance of sticking to long term goals and not settling for short term benefits.

As such, I have developed a brand new, “screw the stars, let’s get to the unknown universe” mentality that recognizes the mistakes along the way, but more importantly, sees the massive improvements I’ve made since starting.

Build the right mindset first and the rest will follow. You’ll learn how to fail forward, carve your own path, and accept nothing less than what you rightfully deserve.