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We were alerted to a Twitter incident late yesterday on the Timeline of Gnasherjew — our favourite sock-puppet account (these are accounts whose operators like to remain anonymous). Gnasherjew was brought out of retirement when another account was suspended for doxxing [attempts at revealing private info — Ed].

Gnasherjew likes to ‘out’ Pro Corbyn people for antisemitism but often misses the target and simply posts screencaps of criticism of Israeli government policies. In last night’s incident, there was a clear case of deliberate misinterpretation of Facebook and Twitter user Andrew Nelis’ comments. Nelis was recently featured in Pro Israel campaigner David Collier’s blog (see below) after Andrew and others alerted security at @PalestineExpo to his presence. Collier would not be allowed entry due to his association with the group that counter-protested. Protestors gaining entry into the event, would be in breach of the peace.

Counter-protest outside Palestine Expo 2017 8th to 9th July — Collier seen to Left with friend Jonathan Hoffman

In Collier’s blog he has obtained access to Andrew’s friend, Barry Ackerman’s private Facebook posts (see top post) — we can only assume someone has obtained these by deception or by other means. This was a gross invasion of privacy and clearly Collier was still bitter about being ejected.

Late last night, Andrew received an unsolicited private message by FB user ‘John’ at 21:03 threatening to contact his employer for what he perceived as antisemitic comments. This was a direct threat, Mr Nelis’ Facebook is not a company page. The threat related to this post below from May 2nd. Andrew asks that instead of David Collier taking private Facebook posts and complaining about his ejection from Palestine Expo via blogs, to come and talk to him personally. At no point does Andrew threaten anyone but ‘John’ has. Andrew also praises good jewish activists.

In a further attack, GnasherJew calls Andrew and his friends a ‘traveler’ [US spelling] which Andrew perceived to be a racist slur against him as an Irishman.

‘John’, along with another well-known sock-puppet account @MomentumGod2 (MG2), then took it over to Twitter. Here we found ‘John’ @scottmania following David Collier from way back. Orchestrated attack? These trolls are well known and have been active since around 2014 just after the attack on Gaza during Operation Protective Edge.

MG2 digs up another old post and asserts that ‘Andrew is calling jews, bars of soap’ when in fact Andrew has told YSV it referred to hygiene issues of a few of their protesters. For example, when a person says ‘Beers all round’ the idea is that the people use the beers, not become beers! He refers to the story about the success of the Scottish PSC in courts and is saying it is a blow to the activists mentioned.

This has been deliberately misinterpreted to further attack Corbyn via his supporters. Just see how many times Labour and Corbyn is mentioned on Gnasher timeline in all of its ad hominem attacks.

They then bring popular Twitter user and Jewish political activist, Wonder Socialist into the fray as yet another tenuous link to Corbyn. We have interviewed both of them to set this blatant smear straight. Wonder Socialist calls Andrew a ‘f*n star’ as he had just left hospital after a life-threatening episode due to a chronic health condition, of course the screen-cap is cut off to benefit the troll’s agenda to the maximum. See below at his bed-side with Palestinian long-distance runner @AlQadiPal Mohammad AlQadi.

Andrew in intensive care shortly before above post.

It is here that the sock-puppet accounts swarm. Alarmist posts about stalking and harrassment ensue (usual pattern from these guys) — I have spoken to Wonder Socialist and she informs me that she has been harrassed ceaselessly for 6 months ‘at least’ after outing this well-known Anti Corbyn troll network. She is not a zionist but Jewish. We like to make it clear on this blog that there is a difference in order to stop conflation efforts to suit various agendas. She is currently working with the police to take some action. She has informed the Labour Party legal department with full details too — as the operators of Gnasherjew claim to be Labour members. She stood as a local Labour candidate in May 2016 and this is something they like to raise continuously because she is a known Corbyn supporter. Sadly, she left the Labour Party because of what she saw as the continued abuse aimed at non/anti zionist Jews, Pro-Palestine and BAME members from within the party. She told us she has suffered horrific antisemitism from Pro Israel (both Jewish and non Jewish) accounts which fall into the groups of Right-wing Labour and Conservatives, most recently these known sock-puppets made another attempt to doxx in the account surrey_sally. They have posted 122 of her and other users posts. Furthermore these same trolls created @rebkoshersally — A deeply offensive and antisemitic account which we encourage people to report. Those involved have claimed to be victims but we can see clearly below who is being targeted.

Wonder Socialist also suffered a recent ‘hit-piece’ by yet another associated sock-puppet account called jew_know whose sole aim was to churn out targeted smear campaigns at Corbyn supporters. Again the fact that she is Jewish was down-played. The blog has since been suspended for breaking Medium blog T&Cs and has now been transferred to wordpress which has also been reported.

For any further enquiries, please DM

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