Not according to the testimonies of women who have with and for him.
Nathan Knight

First, I’m not talking about classified information. I’m talking about the day to day information that is part of many jobs. Second, speaking as a woman who has been mentored by many men throughout my career, I can say for a fact that my ability to do my job and advance in my profession would have been impaired if the men who mentored me had refused to spend time alone with me. Those relationships were all with married men and even though our relationships were friendly, they remained professional. I never threatened anyone’s marriage even when I was younger, single and hot(ish). If all men refused to spend time alone with women as the VP does, women would face even more difficulty advancing in the professional world than they already do. Third, if the Pence’s marriage is threatened by the VP spending professional (or even personal) time alone with a woman, their marriage must be unusually fragile. Lastly, this is not a situation of the Pence marriage vs. someone else’s job. They can co-exist. A man can be married, work with or mentor a woman and not sacrifice his marriage in the process.

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