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Apologies for the slightly later than usual blog post — Team Yourvine have been hitting it up at a music festival this past weekend. Purely in the name of blog research…

It wasn’t all hard work, one artist in particular caught our eye(s) — Nicolas Jaar, one half of the double act Darkside.

We’d never heard of Jaar before, let alone his double act Darkside, but they caught our attention nonetheless. Either because of their unique ambient sound, or the fact that we were clawing for something to write about in this blog post, we found ourselves extensively researching them once we got back from the Island, and dug out some pretty cool stuff.

A while back, Jaar and his long-time collaborator Will Epstein performed at PS1 (MOMA) with an entirely improvised 5 hour set. Jaar set up mics around the dome shaped auditorium to capture the sound of the audience, as well as the resonance from the building itself. Out of these sounds, Jaar created his set.

Nicolas Jaar: From Scratch

Pretty impressive, right?

There’s a beautiful art in this, and something that not many musicians are bold enough to attempt. As Erin Rioux puts it, “All too often the audience of an electronic performance can be alienated from DJs hiding behind their laptops, but From Scratch allowed the audience to witness the music evolving, thanks to Jaar’s inclusive and inviting process”.

By inviting the audience into the creative process, Jaar created an atmosphere that led each audience member to feel intrinsically involved in it’s development. However, the set wasn’t dictated by the audience, Jaare acted as a moderator to give structure and direction to the performance. This enabled him to create a high quality production, whilst giving the audience the feeling of control and keeping them involved.

It’s a really interesting way of looking at interactivity, and something that marketers can easily replicate if they look at it closely enough. Had Jaar just asked for the audience to make noise, he would’ve ended up with a pretty terrible set. In the same way, if you just ask your audience for UGC without much guidance, you’ll probably end up with some pretty naff stuff (we know from experience). However, if you were to create a framework for your audience to interact within, letting them calve their own narrative within a larger structure, you’ll get some pretty stunning results.

Put simply, “we record your sound and remix it” is weak. “You help us build an amazing experience” is much stronger.

As ever, if we’ve inspired you to join the debate, feel free to wax lyrical@yourvinehq

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