Updated Ulysses 2.6

Overnight The Soulmen released a massive update to Ulysses.

Ulysses 2.6 brings a raft of features to make the app even more user friendly and a tool for writers of all shapes and sizes. One of the biggest changes and the best in my opinion is the ability to publish direct to Wordpress. The Ulysses blog outlines in detail all the changes in 2.6. The following blogging features are what you can expect;

Post to self-hosted blogs or blogs via WordPress.com
Add as many blogs to Ulysses as you have
Publish as draft or published, immediately or scheduled
Set (or auto-set) categories and tags, excerpts and featured images
Set post format Set slug and title link Publish as HTML or Markdown
Preview in Ulysses
Set post-publishing actions, i.e. open the WordPress editor or WordPress preview, after the post has made its way from your device to your blog

These for me are the biggest features of the update that should bring more users to Ulysses 2.6 and further cement those already taking advantage of the well conceived writing tool. If that didn’t convince you however these additional features should push you over the line.

Dropbox on iOS
Quick Open (Global Search on iOS)
Typewriter Mode

Still not convinced? These great reviews of the app in its entirety should bring you around.

Full City Press — Ulysses 2.5 review

Macstories — Ulysses 2.5 for iPad and now iPhone

Now you are convinced !! Go now and buy Ulysses 2.6 it’s a premium quality app with a price to suit. Don’t be put off its worth every $$.