Sai Kiran P bagged the second prize in the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest, 2017

Chennai’s 18-yr-old Sai Kiran P bagged the second prize in the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest, 2017 held at San Jose, California.

He proposed making an elevator between Earth & Moon.

The talented teen proposed ways to produce the moon as the next residence for human beings.

The big plus side of his project was that it was cost efficient as it bid adieu to the old school idea of using rockets for the shipping.

The proposal also suggests setting up entertainment & recreational facilities and agriculture on the Moon.

The National Space Society (NSS) invited students to partake in their plans and proposals for creating human settlements on the moon a reality. The task asked for young stars to share their ideas of linking up to the land and the lunar month.

18-yr-old Sai Kiran, who started turning on his proposal back in 2013, bagged the award for his estimate of making elevators connecting the Earth and the lunar month. NASA observatory discovers mysterious cosmic explosion.

SaiKiran P started writing his thesis in March 2016. The thesis was titled ‘Connecting Moon, Earth and Space’ and ‘HUMEIU Space Habitats’ and proposed to provide transportation options based on the theory of centripetal acceleration.

His dissertation suggested making an elevator, about 40,000 km high, for transporting humans to moon.

According to him, the most vital part of this proposal is centripetal acceleration.

“The first part of the project is about creating elevators that could transport humans and cargo to the Moon so that humans can form their settlements there. The most important facet was that of gravity as, without gravity, humans won’t be capable to settle at that place,” The Asian Age report quotes Sai Kiran.

His thesis also mentions the high costs associated with using rockets to send humans to the Moon.

“Since it is not economically viable, the only other way is to have faultless elevators connecting the Earth to the Moon, which will span a height of 40,000kms,” he added.

Sai Kiran, a scholar of the British International School, has outlined a step by step plan for the total transfer.

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