How Can Scheduling Improve Your Company?

Community Over Competition

A big part of my job is sharing knowledge and bringing agencies together. Another thing we like to champion is community over competition. That’s really big for us here.

Social Media is Constantly Changing

Mike: Well, we’ve definitely seen some of the benefits of that and as far as the
Facebook group goes — it’s so beneficial to have something like that
in a landscape.

The Benefits of Social Scheduling

Katie: Yeah, for sure.

Become Consistent With Your Brand

So scheduling your social media in advance really helps you become consistent with your brand.

No More Procrastination

Mike: Oh yeah, and just not putting everything on yourself to think of something that Monday morning — It’s so huge! I’ve tried to do it in the past with my own personal Twitter and everything, and I ended up just scheduling stuff. When I’m in the zone, I’m in the zone. When I’m not. I’m not. Ya know?

The Benefits of Shareable Links For Marketing Agencies & Their Clients

Katie: Well, clients are busy and when they hire a marketing agency, they just
want you to take care of everything online. Of course, they want to make sure that their branding is being consistent and they’re being represented correctly, but beyond that, they are putting all their trust in you. Having your brand online is huge and you’re putting a lot of trust in an agency to take care of that.

Makes it Easy for Everyone

So the clients don’t really have time to sign up and learn a new program every single time. We take that out, and what the agency does from the other side is just send a shareable link. You can choose what posts you want your clients to see, so it doesn’t even have to be the whole calendar if everything’s not ready yet.

Builds Relationship With Client

That really helps build that relationship with your client, because you’re not requiring
them to do any extra work. You’re showing them exactly how it’s going to appear online and they’re able to make the edits in the backend before it goes out online. Because we know screenshots exist. Once something’s out there, it’s out there.

Improves Client Collaboration

We would send it over to the clients and it just didn’t work for long. They couldn’t see the image with the post and really get the full context of everything. With HeyOrca, we’ve seen it really help with client collaboration on top of organization as well.

The Future of Social Media

Mike: Yeah, absolutely. Speaking of people’s brands, social media, and all that, I’m gonna put you on the spot here.



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