5 Reasons to Take an Online Course

Source: YouthFull

School isn’t always right for you.

There are heaps of different learning styles out there. The skills you will need for work are taught in a bunch of unique places. On YouthFull that space is online. Learning a new skills doesn’t need to last a term. We’ve put together the most important stuff and developed 30 short online courses to help you land that first job.

Why should you take an online course? Well here are five reasons online learning is right for you.

1. Entry level opportunities need entry level skills

The skills you need on your first job are mostly attitudinal. These are things like focus and communication. These are skills you’ll need to work on a team or in any company. It can be tough learning these skills in a classroom but can easily learn these skills online! When we developed the courses on YouthFull we collaborated with companies like Air New Zealand and Xero to get you the most important stuff.

2. Online learning is free

Education is expensive. The price of uni is always going up and it isn’t always worth it. Online learning is a great way to get an education without paying a dime. You can learn everything from customer service to financial management. If you’re interested in a topic head over to YouthFull or Youtube and get started today.

3. It is a sweet as learning environment

Keen to learn in your pajamas? Getting transport a hassle? Online learning lets you stay at home and skip the bus. Everything you’ll need is online! Courses on YouthFull save your notes and when you complete them you’ll have a backup of all your answers. Other online courses send you materials and let you submit your assignments online. If learning is stressful try changing up the environment where you learn.

4. There is no time limit

Everybody works at a different pace. You may know people that finish up assignments in a few minutes and other people that take a few hours. With online learning that doesn’t matter. Take all the time you need to work through a course. Sometimes things come up and you’ll need to leave halfway through. YouthFull saves all your progress so take a break when you need to and come back when you’re ready.

5. When you know you’ll know

Waiting for feedback is rough. When you’ve put heaps of effort in you’ll want to know how you did! With online learning feedback is instantaneous. When you finish up your results are sorted out and given to you immediately. No more waiting around — you’ll just know.

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