Pollution and hospital care: Boyle Heights & Del Norte

Jennifer Lopez, a 17 year-old youth journalist and senior at Bravo Medical Magnet High School, describes the air quality in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, as “really poor.” Jennifer explains that this is due to pollution from factories and freeways, including one freeway that passes over a local park regularly populated by children. Children living within 250 feet of major roads are much more likely to have asthma symptoms — they breath 50 percent more air per unit of body weight than adults and spend more time outdoors. They should have clean air, not air that will negatively impact their respiratory health. Check out Jennifer’s story on Boyle Heights Beat.

Jennifer Lopez of Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

Makenzy Williams, a resident of Del Norte County, says there is much controversy around the local hospital, commonly referred to as a “slaughterhouse” and where hospital services here are narrow. Forty-four percent of local residents leave the county to receive services not offered in Del Norte. They are working on making the hospital give better services, to prevent this large quantity of people from leaving the county for medical care. Makenzy, 18, is a managing editor of Redwood Voice, a youth media site out of Del Norte.

Makenzy Williams of Del Norte County