Disconnected youth and poverty: Fresno & Merced

I found out from talking to Kody Stoebig, a resident of Fresno, that thirty percent of West Fresno residents live in low-rent and low-income neighborhoods. They work in jobs without health benefits, and yet society stigmatizes them for staying in this cycle of poverty. Check out Kody’s radio show on The Know Youth Media.

Kody Stoebig, of Fresno, hosts a radio show for We’Ced.

Cheyenne Chaddock, who writes stories for We’Ced, spoke to me about her home town. With such a high level of disconnected youth, 13.5 percent, it’s clear that Merced is failing its young people. The schools especially should be held responsible for not doing more to engage and encourage its youth. There is also a direct correlation between the number of disconnected youth and the high number of undocumented immigrants who lack high school diplomas. These demographics are being failed by those meant to help them.

Cheyenne Chaddock of Merced, Ca.