How to form a new Habit

A diet method that you found on the TV show, which attracted you to reduce your weight effectively. You started introducing it in your dairy life as one of you habit but you ended up skipping days to practice the method because you were always too tired to feel like doing it when you were back home from work. Although you had planned to practice it every day originally, you made it rule to practice it 3 days a week before you knew it. Gradually, you gave excuses to justify your skipping for example, “I want to concentrate on the project I am in charge of at least until I pass the crest”. and you faded it away from your dairy life as though nothing had happened. Finally, you put a period of the habit you had made up your mind to form in your diary life for yourself while you lost your motivation towards a diet.

Do you have any experience like this?

We usually want to start doing something beneficial to our lives to be better off than we are so we are easily influenced by information that has an expectable effect with a realistic result to improve ourselves from books, internet and so on, which is not only to go on a diet but also,

— Obtain a certification , qualification or license which is useful to your career.
 — Master another language.
 — Wake up early in the morning.
 — Master programming skill which is in need of starting up a business.

Even though you decided to form habits to obtain above skills, your will is punctured halfway through and make a barrier named “impossible” against a habit you failed to form and not to do it forever.

Habit and will power

We can think about various possibilities that interrupts our habit to form but one thing I can say for sure is that we tend to demand short-term results and to realize the demand, we stuff our dairy with as much habits as possible to practice. The reasons that probably you give up continuing may be the following factors.

1, To reach goal early, put a high level strain on yourself to form a habit which is hard to practice every day with your present ability.

2, To reach goal early, try to take as much favorable and effective habits as possible in your dairy life within a certain period of time.

3, To reach goal early, set impossible deadlines realistically to accomplish and impose penalty to yourself for what you haven’t completed until the deadline although the goal you aim at is far distant from where you are.

Anyways, making habits in your dairy life will use a great amount of your will energy. For those of whom devote the majority of the day to working, they can have too much on their mind to put habits and continue doing it everyday. If you feel like doing nothing when you are back home from work, you must already use up your will power.

The capacity of will power that we have is limited and moreover, your will power will discharge gradually even without doing anything with the lapse of time.

If you demand harder request to your will than the one that your will capacity handles, your will push back against your request to protect itself from stress. In an unexpected moment, you are absorbed into thinking something deeply or you couldn’t help watching TV and web-surfing before you know it.

Will power can train with forming a favorable habit and it is possible to increase your will capacity. However, it takes you a lot more time than you imagine until you get the results as well as you do exercise to grow your muscles. You need to accept the reality that you become stronger only bit by bit and step by step so do not expect an outstanding achievement very soon if you put a habit in your diary to achieve something. Do not give up and be patient. You should focus on piling up small results which is likely to achieve with your ability.

What I want you to keep in your mind is that the more number of decision you make, the faster the speed of running out of your will power becomes. We spend days as influenced with a lot of various size of decisions to make and sometimes our will power get out of breath right before deciding something important. The former president Obama used to make it rule to wear only black and gray suit for the reason that he avoided using extra energy to choose what he put on everyday in order not to interfere with his political decision.

The important thing is to clarify what you will not do on the day. Deciding what you won’t do allows you to save your will energy and as a result, you get around to use your remaining will power by saving your will energy for your favorable habits that you prefer to form in your diary life.

However, the first trial for us to overcome is always how we can reduce time using for our pastime like surfing the web and watching You Tube, and exchange the time for what we need to do. But I think nobody doesn’t feel difficulty to quit doing something comfortable right after making up our minds to start. So the very first thing you should start from is to know how much time you do it and what time zone you tend to do it in and so on. You first take measure of the tendency of the way to use time objectively than put your effort into reducing time for pastime. As I told you before, people cannot become stronger all of sudden but need to develop your strength bit by bit and day by day without haste. I want you to tackle a habit to exercise and train your fortitude and concentration first. Please check out the 3 following methods down below and practice these.

1 Take note of how much time you use for every single behavior.

2 Analyze the tendency of your bad habit.

3 Start eliminating bad habits from what you can do. Do not rush to change your habit rapidly. You always observe your will condition and adjust the amount of requirements to your will energy to form your new habit.

In my case, I also have experiences that when I created a reference, I aimlessly surfed websites unrelated to my task without my intention. Thanks to this bad habit, I took 2 hours to finish the task which usually takes me 30 minutes to complete. To break that bad habit, I keep a stopwatch on my desk to measure how much time I use for web surfing when I lose my concentration during work. I recorded the time on my notebook to know the tendency of my habit. When I became aware of losing concentration during work objectively, I felt like fixing it subconsciously and I naturally put my effort into reducing wasteful thing which interrupted my concentration.

I took my cue from one scene of “how to think and grow rich” that Charles M. Schwab instructed workers of the steel factory whose production potential had been sluggish. What he did was painting the number of production the most productive factory made on the floor to stir up a spirit of competition of workers. I tried to apply this method to forming habit and other things as well.

If you begin a diet, the very first habit that you need to practice is recording every single necessary facts on your diet which you can quantify to observe your behavioral pattern. If you can get those data, you can understand how far it is from your present position to the goal you set and you can make sure the diary results which helps you keep motivation. If you recognize the problem that you desire to improve, consciousness will change naturally without forcing yourself to go on a diet and avoid using unnecessary will power.

Apply your dairy life to circadian rhythm.

One day, an attractive habit was introduced in TV show , which might possibly change yourself if you put it in your dairy and you already made up your mind to practice this habit.

But, what you did after coming back home from work was taking a shower and you drink beer at supper with side and ready-to-eat meal which you bought at a supermarket while you watched the You Tube. In the meantime, you are pressed for time to sleep. When you go to bed, you make unreliable promise “I will do it tomorrow” to yourself. This can be the reality that you can’t reverse.

The time when you can show your most effective performance is in the morning after you wake up. It is difficult for anybody to make time in the early morning and introduce a new habit , and it is natural for anybody to run out of energy after coming back home from work. If you know these two factors, to form your habit in your diary life, waking up early to make time and making enough time to sleep by reducing time for your favorite amusement is more beneficial to you.

If you have experienced a setback in your habit as often as you tried, why don’t you start from regulating your life first? If you want to make a habit in the early stage of your life, control your sleeping time and raising time first.

You can take advantage of the method of Charles M. Schwab for regulating your life as well. You can start from recording starting time and finishing time when you do something and calculate how much time you take for the things. You may probably get to know very interesting awareness to see the way to use time of the day.

The number of habits we can make

As mentioned at the top, trying to form habits simultaneously within a certain period of time cause you you to set back from forming it. The amount of will power is fixed

When you can come to the realization that you completely form the habit is when you can practice the habit subconsciously. If you rely on “To-do list” method to force yourself to
 practice the habit with your will power, it still doesn’t work in your life.

Richard Bandler who is well-known trainer in the field of self-help said the number of days people should take to form one habit was 21 days but the recent research of psychology says that we need to take 50 days to completely form a habit, which means, in other words, it will take 1 to 2 months straight to get a habit in our diary life.

People usually have a job and the amount of will power they can use a day is not so many. Realistically, trying to form two or more habits simultaneously is not really something you can achieve. The majority of people who tried to do this way experienced a setback because their willpower got out of breath. Man is not as almighty as expected.

The feature of people who win a habit excellently in their dairy life is deciding to practice only one habit a month and concentrating it at the same time reducing what they don’t need to do no matter how small and easy the habit they try to make is.

So when you want to form a certain habit, select and concentrate one reliable habit which is good enough to change your life not to be deluded by catchy irresponsible information.

I said it will take 1 to 2 months until you form a habit. However, a period of time you can apply a habit to your life in a real sense is after 1 year. After all, you need to continue learning it for a couple of years until your effort takes effect remarkably enough to change your life with trial and error.