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Flooding is natural should I care….

Flooding is a phenomenon where unclean water carrying different particles or substances occupied different segments of the street, houses, roads, and sometimes highways. Previous research shows it is some times caused when you have the river rising above its normal depth or let me say going beyond its bank as a result of heavy rain or long period of light rain. Other causes may be as a results of climate change, melting of huge snow to mention but a few.

Coming to V.I, Lekki and the rest in my country, how we should care.

First from the present condition of some areas we can infer that flooding is a natural hazard, threatening life and property. Also, how do we manage our rivers to incorporate strategies that reduce flooding.

When we have plenty people living in cities and towns like Lekki, VI, there is demand for land to build on, less trees, more bridges, concrete pathways, tarmac… all these increase precipitation of water in the river. Bridges create constrictions for water thereby increase the area occupied by water. Concrete and tarmac constitute floodplains as the surface are impermeable leading to increase in water mass. Hence the river which was intended to prevent flood becomes a risk.

On a large scale, global warming impact cannot be overlooked as melting of ice cap has a great influence on water precipitation.

In summary, urbanisation, river management, climate change, deforestation etc. are the pegs to develop our algorithms from. I would advised the government to invest massively on Research and development to curb this natural hazard.

Thank you for your time.

Aliu Yusuf is a junior php developer…. who just decide to express his feelings as regards flooding in his region.
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