Day 2 for design thinking

Yesterday, i have a course about design thinking Steven Asei Dantoni . We started from the game about “ i love you darling ”,it’s really interesting, because i never say “love ”to somebody . Because people in China seldom express their emotion directly, so it’s the first time i say ‘love ’, i don’t feel comfortable very well. However, its not bad. Everything has its first time.

And then we do some other games to let me trust each other and know deeply with each other. I am very happy to make a friend with a nice girl by the game called “ wallet project”. We show our own wallets and share our stories about wallets, its function,it given by people,its meaning for ourselves and… it’s really good, i listened a romantic story about my new friend. It’s a story about distance and love , i think the wallet for her is very meaningful and memorable . And i also share my own story about my wallet to her, it’s also really interesting, its about the growth of a girl. Ok,,,i will not publish it to the medium,hahaha….D.T #GB5 Day 2 Recap

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