My Persona Dream

I’ve become a Persona fan since I have been playing it in Playstation. It’s a life-changing thing that I watch and play in TV and in console.

No wonder… how do become one?

In fact, I downloaded Persona 3 Portable for PlayStation Portable (PSP), and purchased Persona 4 Golden for PlayStation Vita (PSVita), just to play with my family and friends, and that makes me interested in Persona series. I watched numerous episodes from Animation through Golden series, looking back that Yu Narukami, the Protagonist, is the leading hero who saved his friends who all subsequently fought with him “side by side” against shadows just to reach out the truth of the murders happened in their town.

Courage, love, sincerity… Things we have seen in this world are not just the same as that in the series and in the TV world, but the reflection of man does reflect reality, whether in politics, education, personal life, and the like.

You see the relationships? Those friendships that bonds mankind together? Strong social link between people? Those were rooted to a belief: “bonds of people is the true power.” Remember our world history, people are in the streets leading their own revolution that topple dictatorships; wars that destroy thousands of lives; and alliances that created strong ties between states against elements of evil. What has been in Persona reflects every human soul, not only just that, but also the history of mankind that determine a destiny within people.

Looking back at the Persona protagonists… they led their social links to face themselves of what they are, accept and embrace, and share a bond that made a powerful alliance between them. I believe it’s more like in one party where members are gathering some of their friends and colleagues to have a very strong connection to reach out with other people. More like in the Velvet Room, yes, a place that connected between dream and reality.

There’s no such thing as Persona without a Velvet Room, alright; nothing without Igor, Margaret, or Elizabeth, who all will determine the fate of every protagonist in the series. There will be no memories to make, nor a reason to be destined to change the world.

But I was thinking of making a Velvet Room real. I do not know if it is every man’s dream, but it’s always my dream to have a Velvet Room of my own, and have my friends come along and make memories within the four corners of that room. Thinking of a Velvet Room, similar to the place in the game, but people going there are not just going to dine, drink, or relieve themselves of stress. They go to reflect and be themselves the moment that they go there face themselves, like they see in the mirror.

To make it real, I make bonds with friends, work hard, and meditate. But it may take years to build my own Velvet Room, only to make it short when I start fulfilling it.

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