The Fall of James Allsup: a postscript

A reminder of how slippery the slope can be

From anti-immigration, to anti-Islam, to anti-non whites, to anti-Semitic. This is sounding like it would be a great sequel to Imperium. Remember kids, being right wing doesn’t have to mean ‘blame the Jews for everything’.

He did in fact say that he’s not a white nationalist yesterday, so yay for small victories. But then again, Richard Spencer denied being a racist, so you can’t always trust people.

There is a reason I find this so fascinating — like watching a car crash in slow motion — and I’m not just babbling on about some Z-list YouTuber because I want to get in his pants or anything. It’s because I have always been told who not to listen to. Tommy Robinson is a great example of this. Scorned by everyone from the House of Commons, to the press, to the people on the street, it was a ‘fact’ that Tommy was a horrible old racist that we should be ashamed of and that we should never under any condition listen to him. But then, I listened to him, and he turned out to be quite a sensible guy. I don’t agree with all that he said, but he wasn’t the horrible neo-Nazi frothing at the mouth like everyone said he was. Quite eloquent to be fair, in a working class way. And Tommy isn’t alone; plenty of people have been branded racists, bigots, ultra-nationalists, white supremacists or Nazis for having controversial opinions. Most of the time they’re leaning towards the far right maybe, but they haven’t gone over the proverbial edge and I never saw what the huge deal was.

James is different, because he’s someone I don’t think anyone would have had a problem listening to before. He was the quintessential young Trump voter, offering as mainline an opinion as you could probably find. He actively debated democrats and left wing folks and he was nothing more than a bog standard college Republican. But now, a year down the line, I’m thinking to myself: “huh, I actually really shouldn’t be listening to this guy”. His opinions become more extreme and more intolerant as the days go by and I can’t seem to look away from his Twitter or his YouTube channel; there’s some perverse pleasure to be found in watching someone descend into this kind of madness — like watching a horror film, there’s some sick thrill to be found. A poor young man, spouting more and more garbage as he sinks further into a pit of his own bile; the 1488 vultures circling ever closer overhead, waiting for the day when he finally becomes one of them.

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