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Last year I wrote about my career transition from web designer to product designer, including my observations on the differences in mindset. One thing I didn’t mention was the mental block I encountered during the transition. Being trained to work fast in the marketing world for almost a decade meant I wasn’t able to think and design like a product designer right away.

I tended to jump to solutions quickly without thinking much about the problem, which of course led me to hit rock bottom every time my manager told me I wasn’t solving the right problem, or one that…

For a long time, I was comfortable and settled as a Creative Web Designer in my career. This wasn’t an accident. I worked hard. It took many hard years of learning how to code from the ground up, having graduated as a Graphic Designer that was primarily taught print techniques.

It wasn’t until I started working more closely with the Product Design team at Vend (I was previously a Senior Web Designer in the same organization), that my complacency became unjustified. I discovered a great passion for user centered design and the opportunity to grow further as a designer. …

Content has always been a key component of our marketing strategy at Vend. Content marketing helps us engage our audience, positions Vend as a thought leader in our space, and drives leads and revenue for the company.

In fact, in 2016, the majority of our all important pre-trial leads came from content pieces such as guides, ebooks, tools, and other resources.

Because content marketing is so important for us, we wanted to invest more in it. But as we grew our content library, we found that the user experience around content discovery and consumption left a lot to be desired…

Counter is a new app from Vend that lets retailers turn their iPhone into a mobile barcode scanner, making inventory counts fast and simple.

The app is made by Vend, the world’s leading point of sale and retail management platform, but is actually a stand-alone product, one that is free, and that serves as a tool for advanced retailers and as an introduction to some of the cool things Vend does to help make retail easy.

Our job with the Counter landing page was to tell the story about the benefits of the stand-alone app while also letting people know…

Yuan Ng

Historically a Web Designer who is now a Product Designer. One thing that hasn’t changed- I have a thing for design.

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