Yubo selects Yoti’s age estimation technology YAS to help protect young people online

Today, we are happy to announce an innovative partnership with digital identity company Yoti that will see Yoti’s age estimation technology YAS (Yoti Age Scan) help protect Yubo’s community of users.

Yoti will verify the age of individuals and flag accounts where the person appears to have misstated their age; an important step in safeguarding young people on social networks. Owners of flagged accounts will be given the option to then use the free Yoti app to verify their date of birth.

Using a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) called neural network learning, YAS is a secure, anonymous age checking…

Here at Yubo, we’re always looking for ways to innovate in online safety. In our previous blog, we explained how we take our responsibility to younger Yubo users very seriously. Since then, we’ve continued working with online safety expert Annie Mullins OBE to put a number of safeguards in place on the app and we’ve recently taken an important step forward by introducing real-time intervention in live streams.

Using a combination of algorithms and human moderators, we monitor activity on Yubo so we can identify users who violate our community guidelines and who could put themselves or others in danger…

Safety @Yubo

Keep Teens safer. Building a safe environment for our community is what matters.

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