Pointers for making the most out of Yudoozy

You asked. We penned it.

We’ve been underway for a little bit now, and although we’re still in beta we’re connecting some awesome companies with some of this country’s top talent.

Along the way, we’ve been tinkering with bits here and there, as you do, and we’ve come across some areas that we think are a must when using Yudoozy. The types of things that can make or break whether an employer chooses you. And, we’ve also heard from those same employers about what really matters to them.

Our advice.

1. Regularly update your availability. Your availability can be the difference between whether an employer knows whether it’s ok to contact you. It’s basically the easiest and clearest signal to them that you want their work (or not if you’re super, super busy). So, make sure you keep it up-to-date. And so you don’t forget, we send you a sweet reminder email every week.

2. Fill out your work history and bio. Nobody wants to hire a random. So let employers get a feel for who you are and the good work you can do. Even if you have your own site with more in depth info and portfolios, make an effort to show yourself off on Yudoozy as well.

3. Be yourself. Yudoozy is all about selling you. You are the star after all. But writing your bio like you’re a big fancy pants agency or consultancy is a tad off putting. It doesn’t let your personality shine through and that’s what employers want to see. If they’d wanted a too cool for school agency after mega bucks they would have hired them already.

What the employers have told us.

1. No work history, no job. We won’t harp on about it too much more but making sure your work history is there in all its glory is critical. It’s one of the main things our employers are looking at when deciding whether you’re the one, so of course why wouldn’t you.

2. The price is right. We know you’re worth a million bucks but deciding how much to charge can be tricky. Do your research, get to know the market rates and make sure you’re not selling yourself short or pricing yourself out of work. Remember though, you’re not going through a recruiter who adds $10 to $20 per hour ON TOP of your fee! Claim some of that dollar back and up your usual rate by $5. Go on, you’re worth it.

3. Fill in the blanks. If you’re not filling in all your details or your availability, our employers are literally thinking you might not even exist. Worse yet that you don’t care or don’t need their work. It’s all in the detail: your contact details, your social links, even your wee degrees and diplomas. They want to see it all.

4. Highlight your portfolio. Your work is what brings in the big money so show it off. Don’t be shy about linking to work examples and portfolios so everyone can see what you’ve been up to lately.

If you’ve done all of the above and you’re not getting mad love just yet, don’t panic! We’ve got heaps more employers joining daily. It’s only a matter of time till y0u’re making it rain like a bosssss…

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