Taiwanese Porridge Kingdom | 小刘清粥

Friends decided to have dinner at the famous Taiwanese Porridge Kingdom in Cupertino. We arrived around dinner time, and saw a huge crowd of people waiting outside. We were told the expected wait time is around 30min…

This place operates uniquely, though it’s called the “porridge kingdom”, there is no porridge selection — every party is served with pumpkin porridge for free. You have to select & pay for your side dishes up at the counter. Unfortunately it’s a cash-only place, definitely a minus point from me, as I never carry cash around.

Most of the dishes here are rather light & refreshing. I felt it was a good change from my typically salty diet.

First off, the pumpkin porridge. It was more watery and plain than what I have remembered. So I was disappointed due to vastly different taste to my high imaginary expectation. I later tried the pumpkin, it was soft, but not sweet enough. Another disappointment, given its the pumpkin season right now.

Spicy chicken was amazing with a distinct hot red pepper taste. The texture is similar to the chicken I had yesterday, crispy on the outside & tender on the inside. Also unlike some other spicy chicken I had, this actually has an evenly distributed amount of spicy on the inside & out.

Lotus roots was very refreshing, crispy & has a tad of its natural sweetness. It is indeed the best season for lotus roots.

The seaweed salad tasted different but much better than what I had before. I told my friends how I tasted pork hock in the seaweed, and they told me it was blended with minced meat. With the final touch of the sesame oil, it was an exceptional dish.

Pork ears was slightly on the sweetened site, which wasn’t to my liking. I’m so used to mom’s cooking of this dish, which is saltier with richer flavor of one of those Chinese soy sauces. Though I’m not a fan of its taste, I do like its texture.

The braised pork (红烧肉) looked different: less oily which is a plus, and had bean curds in it, which was weird. But it tasted amazing! The bean curd tasted amazing though, very flavorful & juicy, whereas the meat was relatively plain.

We also tried many other dishes. Unfortunately I didn’t like most of their meat dishes, though generally the more vegetable-focused dishes were very refreshing. Except they felt rather similar after a while.

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