People Who Have “Too Many Interests” Are More Likely To Be Successful According To Research
Michael Simmons

Thank you very much for your article.

For several years now I consider myself a “Jack of all trades, and Master of None”. And I always feel guilty about it, as I never could settle on one single thing I loved to do.

Recently I got back to my graphic design practice and left my corporate job. I had previous experience in Marketing, Public Relations, Hospitality Management and Social Media. And, even though, I know that all those fields can be tightly connected and my knowledge is valuable, I still struggle to find an employer, who would understand that. People around say that no one really wants to hire a generalist.

I do have my clients and I am focused and organized enough to work independently. But sometimes I’d really love to have a team to brainstorm together.

Most of the polymaths you mentioned are business owners, it made me think that, perhaps, I should not really try to get hired and just go my own way. What do you think about that?