Why Brand Illustrations Matter?

When we speak about Design of any kind, we expect it to communicate to us and solve our problems. We want a chair to sit on but we want it to look cool, we want a laptop that is powerful enough for us to work anywhere in the world but we want it to suit our style, and we want our brand to show our customers what it’s good for using certain design tools. But for a long time now Design is not just something that makes things look pretty.

More and more businesses want to spread the knowledge about their products among different people. Even if a company has a narrow specialization, it does not mean that the final user of the product should have extensive expertise in that field. As long as the brand ideas are clear and presented in a comprehensible way, people all over the world can find themselves interested in this brand.

Through our life we constantly learn something new, but it’s always difficult to start. And here is why Illustration is definitely one of the best ways to introduce a brand to its potential user.

Being a kid do you remember watching cartoons and only looking through books with pictures? We associate ourselves with characters in illustrations, we can relate to them, they make it easy to understand and learn something we have never learnt before. It is important that the learning process still stays playful and seems a lot easier.

While reading a post by Micah Bowers, I understood that, for me, Brand Illustration is currently the most interesting and rewarding part of Visual Design. The connection of research, human psychology and… pure fun make Brand Illustration such an attractive area of design now.

But, what is even more important, is that we, designers, can not only communicate to the final user through our illustrations, we can influence them as well. As I have already mentioned, we often associate ourselves with illustration characters, so sometimes we want to be like them and sometimes we can recognize our mistakes in theirs.

One of my favorite examples is Google Calendar, which motivates you to reach your goals. There is so much power in those light and funny illustrations that you can not help but notice your desire to start doing something right now, and, perhaps, schedule it for the next month.

Google Calendar, Owen Davey

Speaking of positive influence, I would probably never be able to make meditation part of my daily routine if the Headspace app didn’t look so incredibly friendly, simple, and fun. Once completed the basic course, I have been meditating ever since. This is a great example of changing daily habits.

When we search for our profession, we want to make an impact. We want to do what matters. And what is it if not motivating people to learn more and change their lives for the best? Plus there is a lot of fun involved.