The Wine Shop Wine Tasting

I’m not a wine person, and despite the fact that The Wine Shop is just a few floor down, the only thing I know about wine is that… gimme a few moments to think. I’m not sure of it counts, but I’m great taking photos of myself and a wine glass for the sole purpose of posting it on Instagram.

Despite my lack of wine knowledge, I somehow find myself at wine events, with a glass of wine in my hands and information I Googled five minutes prior on my lips. Tomorrow probably wouldn’t be any different at the Anakena Chilean Wine Tasting hosted by The Wine Shop.

As we established earlier I don’t know much about wine so I’m just going to copy and paste the event details from EatOut.

Enjoy a fantastic wine tasting of the Birdman Range from Anakena on Wednesday, Aug 31st. A sommelier shall walk guests through a brief presentation on the new range as well as a tasting of the wines. It shall be paired with a selection of ‘Chilean inspired tapas dishes’ created by Executive Chef Gavin Mitchell from Brew Bistro and Lounge.

You can always just order your favorite wine from The Wine Shop and have it delivered to you instead. Anyway, if you’d be at the Wine tasting event, feel free to come upstairs to Yum’s office and say hi… Preferably with a wine bottle in your hands.

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