Mindfulness — Concentrate is greater than focus

Focus is fuzzy word.
I have questions with this expression.

  • What should I focus to? ( to my behavior? to thinking? to vision? to sounds? )
  • Even if I focus to something, i sometime can not feel happiness. that’s why?

What does mean “concentrate”?

It have multiple meaning. (totalized statement)

  • Focus to current experience ( Notice to self existence )
  • Do not mix thinking and emotions
  • Observe mind processes

If you concentrate to reality, you easy to feel happiness.

Reality means not your “Thinking”, “Emotion” or “Fantasy”.
Reality means like “Experience”.

It is maybe hard to understand.
Because our brain normally cracked by “Thinking” anytime.

The Happiness Trap

is great book based on mindfulness. ( and improved than mindfulness )
more information is in this book.

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