All Hail The Power Of Soft, Sweet And Beautiful!

Tao Of Yummi, Sutra 24, Microsutra 5/6

What force is more powerful than Nature? All must bow to the force of Nature. Although nature’s power shows through earthquakes and hurricanes, it also manifests in the power of beauty and love.

Is beauty powerful? Homer famously says that beauty launched a thousand ships for the Trojan War. If beauty can launch ships for war, it can also unify hearts for peace. What about beautiful taste, or deliciousness? Beautiful texture, or softness? The experience of beauty inspires. It is within your power to create value that inspires rather than fear that engenders pain and suffering.

Bees can sting, but they also create honey. Rain can storm and sun can burn, but it also creates the most gorgeous looking and smelling, soft and lush, petals of flowers. The cycle of life in nature is sustainable all by itself…filled with the delightful and unexpected, inspiration and creativity. This is all around you, unfolding in each moment.

You are woven into this fabric as an essential part of the Universe unfolding. What is the barrier between your spirit and your mind; your mind and your body; your body and the rest of the Universe? You cannot name it because there is no barrier between you and the greater Universe, and so you are greater than any single isolated point. This is your authentic nature. You can manifest power as soft, sweet and beautiful as the petal of a flower.