Answering The Eternal Knock-Knock Joke

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 34, Microsutra 1/6

Can you answer the eternal knock-knock joke and say who’s here right now? Like all knock-knock jokes, although the answer may seem obvious, there’s another way to think about it. You might smile once you get it. Are you open to the full experience of life through your authentic Self? Who else could you be?
At work, many people interact through a professional persona. You develop a professional persona because at work, you represent an organization or a philosophy. A professional attitude of detachment is thought to prevent work from becoming a personal emotional vulnerability. In order to contain the workplace, you may try to detach from emotion. Detachment is the practice of ignoring emotions on purpose — purposeful ignorance. Can you be open, creative and inspired at work while maintaining an attitude of purposeful ignorance?
What about when you interact with your partner, family or friends, outside of work? You don’t need to keep it professional with them, right? You want to be open and authentic with those you love. What about when you disagree? Are you attached to an expectation that those you love will always agree with you? Disagreement isn’t a bad thing. You’ve got diversity of perspective. This is healthy. Do you attach to the point you’re making and become defensive? Do you notice your partner, or the one you love, likewise getting defensive? Can you be open and adversarial at the same time? No matter who’s right or wrong, is this the open, authentic Self you want to be with those you love?
Mindfulness in the moment lets you know “who’s there” with confidence and clarity. Unleash your authentic Self. Open to the love, inspiration and creativity that is yours to give.