Don’t Let Fear of Death Carry You Away From Life

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 30, Microsutra 2/6

Does death frighten you? What does death represent to you? Loss? Aging? Ending?

When you attend a funeral, are you saddened for the deceased, for the ones who love the deceased or for yourSelf? People can die after a life well-lived, and they can die in pain. Death itself does not create a reason to rejoice, but what about a life well-lived? What about the end of pain? Are those worth gratitude? If you can celebrate a life well-lived and the one you celebrate is not in pain, you are living into purpose and can become mindful in the moment, caring for those who do not see what you see.

Does death remind you of your own mortality? Are you frightened of aging? Each day you live contains more than 86,000 moments. Each moment represents an opportunity for you to create authentic value…for yourSelf, for those you love, for the whole world. With the passing of each moment, you learn more and can become more powerful in your wisdom. Your physical Self is transitory by nature. How much do you really need to muscle? How much more can you impact with your heart, mind and spirit?

Do you believe death is the end of everything? There was a time before humanity, and there will be a time after humanity. The Universe is everything, and you are an essential expression of the Universe. When your physical body ends, why should the non-physical elements of your love and spirit end? Matter breaks down. Every seven years, the matter that was you is exchanged with the matter all around you. At the deepest level of reality, m-theory predicts tiny particles called superstrings, five unextended dimensions by one of our Space-Time dimensions make us and everything. These strings literally vibrate together and apart for eternity, joining to become the fabric of quantum particles on up, never-ending. As if that wasn’t enough, the memory of a life well-lived serves as a guide for those you love as well as many whom you’ve never met.

There’s a pattern to the fallen leaves. See the pattern, release the fear and free yourSelf.