Expanding Inspiration

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 28, Microsutra 1/6

When the Universe unfolds as both shadow and light, how can you see yourSelf as deeply connected to all of it, if your orientation is value-creative as opposed to value-destructive? Appreciate all experience — both the shadow and the light. The value-creative, -extractive, and –destructive all have lessons to teach. Each force creates opportunities to live into purpose. It’s not just that the shadow teaches you what NOT to do. In learning what not to do, you are also guided in what to do. All experience can feed and inspire the creation of authentic value.

Flowers don’t judge what goes into the soil…they simply use the nutrition. Flowers show their graceful appreciation and bloom whether you’ve used organic- or inorganic- based fertilizer. While inorganic fertilizers provide quick nutrition, organic fertilizers create a healthier long-term eco-system for growth. Each type of material contributes, but we must understand the full implication, and corresponding way to do ‘the work’ in the gardens we keep. Of course, it’s easier to do this with literal gardens than emotional ones.

“What’s really happening here?” This question is a mindfulness tool, helping you understand the best way to work with the emotional signals and purposeful opportunities you face. By asking this question when you sense the discomfort of fear, anxiety or another emotional gravitational force, you can transform attachment, which carries you away from the moment, to deeper understanding, of what’s happening in the moment, so you can work with it. You become mindful in the moment as you learn from both the shadow and the light. All experience is valid and valuable when you practice opening to the delightful and unexpected.

That which makes life challenging can be the greatest teacher of some of the most important lessons. Practice non-attachment to fear and expand your sources of inspiration, even in situations that could be regarded as uncomfortable. Transform it all into your authentic value.