Fight Fear, Not People

Tao Of Yummi, Sutra 26, Microsutra 1/6

Must purpose be grandiose to achieve worthwhile results? Do you need to secure your own army of resources to create epic impact and value? Purpose is about adding value, in ways both great and small. Value is cumulative. If you want to live a beautiful life, surround yourSelf with beauty. Imagine what would happen if all beings did ‘the work’ to surround themSelves with beauty. All those beings, an army of resources, working simultaneously to create a beautiful life, adding value in ways both great and small, would create epic impact and value…but it all starts with you and yourSelf.

Set your intention to ‘value-creative’ and face each moment as an opportunity to live into purpose. Don’t wait. Dive right into the ultimate creative space of the current moment. It is within the current moment that you will see your opportunities to live into purpose, where you will access the inspiration to create value and be inspired by the value you create.

Don’t let yourSelf become distracted by fear. Fear, and the host of emotions that stem from it, anxiety, anger, etc., can exert a gravitational emotional force that will carry you away from the moment if you allow it. However, you don’t need “armor and a weapon” to face fear. In fact, “armor and a weapon” can get between you and your authentic nature. Your authentic Self is the source of value, and resident of the creative space. If you face fear, you must face it as nakedly as possible…otherwise you run the risk of becoming fearful of facing it without the protection of “armor and a weapon,” and therefore attached to fear. Instead, become as naked as possible, even porous, so that it flows through you like a colander.

You don’t need to be at the head of a legion of armed and armored soldiers to live into purpose that achieves worthwhile results. Choose to live into purpose yourSelf. Teach others to live into purpose through your example. Fight the fear, not the people.