Find YourSelf Living Your Dream

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 32, Microsutra 6/6

Dreams are populated by symbols of what you really want, a beautiful life. Do you see that everything you require to create your beautiful life is already here? As you and the Universe unfold together, it’s a matter of opening to what’s already all around (your authentic love, inspiration and creativity), rather than seeking externalities.

When your life is commonly celebrated by strangers, or purely cherished by those you love, celebrity won’t fix you when you feel broken. You cannot be broken. You can only be you, and you’re essential.

Even if you have all the possessions you can imagine, riches don’t equal fulfillment. It’s your choice to live into purpose and watch as you fulfill on the opportunities you face in every moment. You can begin right now!

Whether you’re renowned far and wide for your accomplishments, or appreciated within your community for the contributions you make, fame doesn’t guarantee that those who matter most will genuinely know you. The relationship you have with yourSelf is what allows you to expose what’s authentic.

You are not defined by a job. Who you are defines you, not what you do as a profession. Though what you do changes, it’s always you who does it. Who you are guides what you do.

If you want a beautiful life, then create value for yourSelf and others to be surrounded by love and meaningful beauty. Experience dreams in the moment, then return mindfully to the Serendipity of the next. Transform inspiration through love and creativity as you and the Universe unfold together, moment by moment, and you’ll find yourSelf living your dream.