Hesitate And The Moment Has Passed…

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 20, Microsutra 3/6

Who are you? Who do you want to be? You deserve to have the same answer to each of these questions. You don’t need to look elsewhere. Everything required is already here. What you must do is open to it. The first step is acceptance of your authentic nature.

In each moment, you can choose to create value. You can also choose to engage with fear and let it carry you away…to become angry, jealous, anxious, isolated, or any of a host of other fear-based emotions — which come from a place of feeling ‘less than’ in some way. This is an illusion. When you accept yourSelf as an essential part of the Universe, you open to a realization that you can never be ‘less than’. Which path do you choose?

Don’t beat yourSelf up in the current moment for what has occurred in the past. The past is done. Why attach to the past and distract yourSelf? The current moment is the real opportunity.

Hesitate and the moment will pass…but the good news is that the next moment becomes ‘now’. Any direction you turn is forward. What you face is the opportunity.

Although planning can and should be done to prepare, there is no reason why we cannot be mindful of the current moment and open to the delightful and unexpected as we plan.

The only time that is real is the current moment. This simplifies the choice of a time to start. The time is now. Create value. Live into purpose in ways both large and small.

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