Instead of Flashing Cash, Flash Inspiration

Tao Of Yummi, Sutra 24, Microsutra 4/6

Do you see people using their resources to inspire or intimidate? Intimidation is part of the “zero-sum game” where one must lose for another to win. Specifically, intimidation is intended to make others feel ‘less than’ so that the “zero-sum gamer” can feel like they are enough. This is an illusion. No one wins the “zero-sum game” because value is destroyed when it could otherwise be created. When you set your intention to value creation, your goal is to inspire — both yourSelf and others.

The decisions you make, in each moment, are opportunities to demonstrate authentic value. The value you create, as you live into purpose, is how you make your living. You earn a paycheck to survive, but isn’t your living, aka life, bigger than any paycheck? While your paycheck allows you to survive, without a living greater than a paycheck, how will you thrive?

The direction you face is forward. Living into purpose is the way to meet each opportunity. Being mindful in the moment is how you open to the delightful and unexpected: inspiration and creativity. This is the life you lead and the living you make. No matter how much you have, you are always worth more than money. YourSelf is who you are.

Flash inspiration instead of cash.