Kindness: Simple, Powerful and Elegant

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Must purpose be grandiose to achieve worthwhile results? Do you need to secure your own army of resources to create epic impact and value? Purpose is about adding value, in ways both great and small. Value is cumulative. If you want to live a beautiful life, surround yourSelf with beauty. Imagine what would happen if all beings did ‘the work’ to surround themSelves with beauty. All those beings, an army of resources, working simultaneously to create a beautiful life, adding value in ways both great and small, would create epic impact and value…but it all starts with you and yourSelf.

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 26, 1/6

Set your intention to ‘value-creative’ and face each moment as an opportunity to live into purpose. Don’t wait. Dive right into the ultimate creative space of the current moment. It is within the current moment that you will see your opportunities to live into purpose, where you will access the inspiration to create value and be inspired by the value you create.

Don’t let yourSelf become distracted by fear. Fear, and the host of emotions that stem from it, anxiety, anger, etc., can exert a gravitational emotional force that will carry you away from the moment if you allow it. However, you don’t need “armor and a weapon” to face fear. In fact, “armor and a weapon” can get between you and your authentic nature. Your authentic Self is the source of value, and resident of the creative space. If you face fear, you must face it as nakedly as possible…otherwise you run the risk of becoming fearful of facing it without the protection of “armor and a weapon,” and therefore attached to fear. Instead, become as naked as possible, even porous, so that it flows through you like a colander.

You don’t need to be at the head of a legion of armed and armored soldiers to live into purpose that achieves worthwhile results. Choose to live into purpose yourSelf. Teach others to live into purpose through your example. Fight the fear, not the people.

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 26, 2/6

Take a Ripple to the Heart

You know about ripples of impact moving outwards, but have you experienced the ripples you can create within yourSelf, moving inwards to gladden your heart and inspire your cycle of Serendipity?

Have you ever driven up a windy hill, with room enough for only one car at a time to pass? You see a car coming down the hill, realize the uphill driver has the right-of-way, and pull over for that other car to pass anyhow. What happens when the other driver passes without smiling, waving or otherwise acknowledging your gracious act? Does it do you or anyone else any good to swear, complain or otherwise attach to anger? It’s your choice and opportunity to take gracious action. Ripples of gracious action can flow inwards. Why put grace aside when you’ve already put in ‘the work’?

If you seek instant gratification from your opportunity to help, you’re already attached to an expectation. Attach to expectation and you’ll be carried away from the moment, and all the potential that resides here — creativity, love and inspiration. Do what’s right just because that’s “how you roll,” without expectation, and you’ll open to Serendipity — the delightful and unexpected. Be mindful and enjoy every opportunity for grace. Take a ripple to the heart.

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 26, Frame 3/6

Kindness: The Quiet Superpower

What is the meaning of your life? Why are you here? Big questions. In the great tradition of changemakers throughout history, you are here to help. You have authentic value to give. This value can manifest as anything from designing the iPhone, to starting a social movement, to acts of kindness and generosity, both large and small. You feed the unfolding of the Universe in every moment.

When you live in a world of pomp and circumstance, magnified and glamorized by media, quiet kindness can get lost in the shuffle. Access any social media platform and you’ll see people travel to exotic places, fall in love, win marathons, experience the lows of extreme tragedy, and the highs of amazing success. How can quiet kindness compete?

Want to change the world? Help others become mindful in the moment. What if everyone became mindful in the same moment and opened to the love, inspiration and creativity that reside here? The current moment defines reality. To create a single moment of global consciousness, it will take all of us, working together.

What’s one sure-fire way to become mindful in the moment? Be consistently kind. A kind word can change your day and teach the value of kindness. Be bold. Be a changemaker. Teach others to be kind through the example you set.

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 26, Frame 4/6

The Solar Power of Your Smile

What’s a smile got to do with sunshine? Of course, the sun shines because that’s what it does…but the power of a smile can bring others into the moment with you, opening them to the bright inspiration and creativity that reside here, sunshine and all. A mere movement of your facial muscles can inspire mindfulness. How powerful is your smile?

Your attitude as you live into purpose is important in and of itself. It not only reflects, but projects, what’s going on inside. Sometimes, you must have enough confidence and resilience not only for yourSelf, but for others as well. From a smile, to the charisma of confidence, your attitude creates definitive impact.

These are the basics of living into purpose. Taking the small opportunities as well as the large. Orienting yourSelf to create as much value as possible. If you are here to help — and inspired by living into purpose — your smile is another opportunity to increase the inspiration and feed the unfolding of the Universe. Like solar power, smiles are a sustainable form of energy…they breed other smiles. Unleash your own authentic form of sustainable power and inspiration.

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 26, Frame 5/6

Be Gentle with YourSelf to Be Strong with Others

The way you treat others reflects back on you…and is carried beyond you.

You can sense when a group is attached to fear or anger. It can infuse a space. Match that energy, and you’ll be caught up and carried away from your authentic, inspired and ‘value-creative’ orientation. Be strong. Be gentle. Resist that energy, and you have the opportunity to infuse the space with your inspiration and creativity.

You must be gentle with yourSelf to be gentle with others. Know this from a deep and disciplined place. Strength and resilience doesn’t require us to put our gentle natures aside. In fact, in the face of fear- and anger- based emotional atmosphere, a gentle nature can stand out and calm things down, making it better for everyone. If this is your Truth, don’t get caught up in someone else’s zero-sum game, where the measurement of effectiveness is domination.

One person’s success doesn’t need to be at the cost of another’s failure. The delightful and unexpected feed creativity and inspiration. Fear, anxiety and anger fuel the zero-sum game, but do nothing to open you or others to the delightful and unexpected. Rather, fear carries one away from the moment. Sometimes, a gentle touch can turn a cold room warm. Be strong. Be gentle. Be mindful. Open yourSelf and others to Serendipity.

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 26, Frame 6/6

Don’t Beat YourSelf Up

What good does it do to beat yourSelf up? Does that create extra value in any way or simply distract you from the moment and ‘the work’? Find your way back to the moment. Be gentle with yourSelf to be gentle with others.

Small gestures of kindness are an indicator that you’ve set your intention to value creation. These small gestures don’t require a great deal of thought…they actually occur naturally when your intention is set and you’re oriented to living into purpose.

Mindful in the moment, these gestures are apparent as more than simple gestures…they are purposeful action that you pay forward into the Universe unfolding with no expectations of return. You simply do them because they’re the right thing to do and they’re also what you do.

You will notice the delightful and unexpected, Serendipity. Serendipity is inspiration, but it is also validation. When you’re driving on a road and you wonder if you’re still on the right road…what do you do? You look for a roadsign to verify that you’re still on the road you intended. When you notice the delightful and unexpected, Serendipity is the roadsign telling you that you still travel along the path you intended. It’s like putting on glasses to see. See through the lens of Serendipity, and the moment will come clearly into focus.



Love and gratitude to the brilliant and lovely Kris Smith, my soulmate, and a woman of deep wisdom and extraordinary humility. Her diligent kindness and thoughtfulness is a constant reminder of the great impact of small purposeful action. Joy and fulfillment to my friend Johnathan Slone, MD, MBA, MPH, Captain of the Army, who has found a way to combine his “red guitar, three chords and the Truth” in a way that could improve healthcare in this country for all of us. Respect and appreciation to Peter Rutter, a man who combines great spiritual insight with modern scientific methodology, with whom I am fortunate enough to carry on a grand conversation.

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