Love YourSelf, Appreciate the Moment

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 30, Microsutra 1/6

Is there a moment that is better than any other? Should there be?

There are moments that you enjoy more than others.

There are moments that you wish had never happened…or had happened in a different way.

But — where would you be without all the moments that went into creating this person you are now? This person wakes you up in the morning, dresses you, brushes your teeth, and works to feed and clothe you, eventually tucking you in every night. Why not love the one who does all this for you? Every moment of your life goes into creating this person who deserves your love.

Just as you are an essential expression of the Universe, without whom there would be a gaping hole in reality, each and every moment is an essential building block for the next.

Life is a grand mystery filled with important moments and opportunities. Sometimes you don’t see the importance of a moment or the opportunity it presents until it’s already passed. Other times you attach to the past and don’t fully experience the current moment in which you exist. There are even times you distract yourSelf from the current moment because of an expectation you have for something in the future. The good news is that, whatever becomes of this one, the next one is coming up right behind it…chock full of more meaning and opportunity.

You’ve got to be on the lookout in each moment — they’re all worthwhile. Love yourSelf.